News; Inspired by History, Designed for You! Volume 3

Published: Thursday 26 July, 2012

Inspired by History, Designed for You!

An Odd Bodkin Renaissance Shop Newsletter
Volume 3

In this Issue:

Production Time

Our current turnaround time is 6 - 8 weeks. However, we can accommodate a limited number of rush orders for bodices each week and for an additional fee. Our schedule is as follows:

One-week turnaround (ships 7-10 days from order date): add $50
Two-week turnaround (ships 14-21 days from order date): add $30

Consider these options when ordering a bodice for an event you are planning to attend the following month or ask about inventory items when you place your order. Sometimes we carry pre-made bodices in standard sizes, but why stress at the last minute? Look at the list of
upcoming faires on page two of this newsletter and save yourself some money by ordering two months ahead of time.


For you Rogues, Pirates, Peasants and Gentlemen, we now have doublets on our website. We have four main styles and I'd love to introduce you to them. All of our doublets have the basic customizations: fabric choice, grommets, bias trim, size, skirting and shoulder caps and the like. If you want even more options and to really customize them, contact me for a consultation either online or in person.

  • The Baron - A dashing, high collar doublet with a waist length body. It's excellent for middle to upper gentry, depending on the fabrics and colors you choose.

  • The Rogue - A simple vest for those in the lower classes including peasants, sailors, adventurers and gypsies.

  • The Ranger - A long, high collared doublet that moves with ease from wooded glen to court depending on your options.

  • The Corsair - Perfect for pirates and any fellow with a taste for something a bit flamboyant or stylish. This is a collarless design with lapels.


New prototypes coming up soon:

  • Ruffled Panties - While not something you usually see from us, we think those who love Steampunk, tutus and fabulous underthings, we think you'll love these flouncy delicates made of satin and covered with ruffles. This is a twist on our classic bloomers.

  • Arabian Nights - Great for theme parties or crossover to Renaissance wear, Mediterranean & Middle Eastern inspired frocks like harem pants, a belly dance inspired twist on our nighties and aprons, wrap pants and men's vests will be making their debut soon.

Keep in mind that most, if not all, of these designs were inspired and/or requested by clients, just like you. If you have an idea that you've always wanted, but can never find it in your size, or in the colors you want, or it just doesn't exist yet, email me! For a fee, I can design something new, just for you and based on your style!

Lazy Seamstress Blog

Recently I've been blogging about putting together color pallets for your character. If you are interested in having my help with that, just send me an email and I can help you out, or check out my blog for helpful tips!

Etsy Page

Are you an avid Etsy user? We have an Etsy Store! Check out our wares.

Our Friends

We have made many friends over the years who's products we thoroughly endorse and admire. If you're looking for accessories, may we recommend:

  • Journeyman Leather

    • Our friend Scott purchased this business in 2008 from the original owners, Jodi & Andy Weibel. They make wonderful leather/suede bodices, doublets & accessories in a great variety of styles for Renaissance, Cosplay, Reinactment, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Streetwear & Fetish. Check them out and tell them we sent you!

  • Brown Cow Leather

    • Owned by our friend Chip Brown, Brown Cow produces some of the finest carved leather creations we've ever seen. From Corsets & Coats to fabulous book covers, pouches & other accessories, we are sure you will love his products like we do!

  • Blonde Swan

    • Alex & Elisabeth own the best hat shop ever. I should know, I own several of their hats. They carry various styles; Renaissance, Victorian, Western, Steampunk and everything in between. Gorgeous and well made. I don't even bother making hats unless people demand me to. I just send them to Blonde Swan!

  • Madam Nina's Pirated Pendants

    • Want the perfect accessory for your garb? Nina can make it for you. She has a plethora of designs/themes to choose from, or you can go full on custom. She's got a 25% off sale going on right now, so check her out!

We have a link on our website to friends who specialize in Historical/Fantasy garb & geekery, so if you have such a business and would like to be added, send us a link! View our Friends Page.

Thank you for reading!

Devlyn MacKinnon

Odd Bodkin Renaissance Shop

Inspired by History, Designed for You!

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