News; The Squish Factor

Published: Wednesday 03 April, 2013

When I'm fitting someone for a bodice in person, one of the things I determine is their "squish factor". This is a rather subjective element to the fitting process, but important.

So what is it? It's basically how squishy you are when squeezed. Some people are just naturally thin and don't have much to squish, while some people who are larger might be built very solidly.†

Those who are very squishy, which often happens after a large weight loss, tend to see a bigger difference in how a bodice will shape and enhance their figure.

So, how does this affect how you are sized?

It's a mistake to assume a 4-6" waist reduction for everyone. Some aren't going to squish that much, and others will squish more than that.†

If you've got a solid shape already, you should expect to be more true to size. You may only see a 2 or 3" reduction. If you are ordering by mail, you should make sure to let your designer know so they can take that into account. Odd Bodkin bodices have 3-5 points of lacing which can help with fitting, but it is still helpful to know, especially if you are ordering a custom size, or feel like you may be between sizes.†

If you are very squishy, you may find that you look best in a bodice that seems like it won't fit at first. I'm one of those squishy people and I still look at my bodice when it's unlaced and wonder how I'm going to get inside it. I get up to an 8" reduction at times. This can make fitting more challenging, since your measurements won't tell your designer the whole story.†

For example, my measurements would put me in a XL bodice according to my charts, but an XL bodice is too loose on me. When I make one for myself, I cut it between a large and XL.

Every piece of information can be helpful for getting you the best fit, so make sure to include your "squish factor" next time you order a bodice or corset!
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