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Our Countess Bodice is built on the base of our very popular Goddess Bodice. While a corset is an undergarment, this bodice is built with all the sturdiness, boning and shaping power of a corset, without having to wear two items.

We have taken some liberties with history, however, so you should not consider this a historically accurate item. You can read all about the design & features on our blog.

The Countess Bodice is an extremely adjustable, comfortable and uninhibiting bodice. The steel boning is carefully placed to provide a flattering shape and maximum support for your assets, be they great or small.

We have been developing this style since 2001 and are finally releasing it on our website, though it has been for sale on a limited basis for a few years now. The design is based on our Goddess Bodice, but has a front removable, reversible and interchangeable stomacher piece that allows you to lace from the front and have the ultimate in versitility.

It is as comfortable as the Goddess Bodice, but gives you two additional adjustment points, allows for lacing up yourself in the front or being laced in from the back, as well as matching stomachers/shoulder strap sets to all your other garb.

You should feel comfortable enough to engage in any faire activity, whether shopping or riding on horseback. The Countess Bodice is the result of several years of testing various designs "in the field". This design has proven itself during numerous activities including grueling 14 hour work days in extreme heat and cold while sword fighting, singing and dancing.

We feel confident that you will fall in love with it as we have!

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See our Bodice Measuring Chart.

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Fabric Information

Swatch Book

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  • Select a Fabric and enter the number and name in the box.

  • Each side of the Stomacher has a different fabric. Enter your choice in the box.

  • Accent Fabric Info

  • "Accents" are extra pieces of fabric added to the garment. They include collars, shoulder caps, split caps, skirting, picadills, stomachers and others.

  • If you don't want to have accents on your garb, select "None".

  • If you want the entire garment including Accents made of the fabric you chose above, select "Same".

  • If you want a complimentary fabric used, view your options on our swatch page and select the fabric of your choice.

  • Bottom Accents are not available on this garment as a standard option. Call or email if you want them to discuss your options!

  • Shoulder Accent Info

  • View pictures of our shoulder accents.

  • Solid shoulder caps are small, crescent shaped epaulets sewn onto the shoulder.

  • Split caps are the same as solid shoulder caps, except they are split into two pieces.

  • Fabric Style Info

  • If the swatch you chose is a Velvet, Velveteen or Suede or Satin/Satin Brocade (shiny Asian style brocades), please choose "Velvet, Velveteen & Satin"..

  • Otherwise, choose Brocade & Others.

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  • Grommet Color Info

  • Grommets are the small metal rings that are inserted in the fabric to protect it while lacing. Choose the color that best suits your personal style and your fabric choice.

  • Grommet Color

    Bias Tape Info

  • This is the trim that outlines the edges of your bodice or doublet. Black is standard, but for a more unique look, pick one of the colors available. If you need help deciding, just email or call.

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