Measurement Charts

Taking Measurements

Please have a friend measure you with a fabric measuring tape.
Not all measurements will be needed for every garment.
This will ensure the most accurate results.

Click on the specific item in the Table of Contents ie. bodices, chemises, etc for the proper measurement chart.

The following is a list of measurements their directions.

Measure the circumference of your head where you would like the hat band to rest
Measure around your neck, closest to your shoulders.
Arm Length
Measure from shoulder to wrist.
Measure the circumference of the indicated body part.
Measure your upper torso around the biggest part.
Also called the underbust. Measure directly below the bust along the fullest part of your ribcage.
Your natural waist is located at the narrowest part of your torso slightly above the belly button.
Measure at the widest part of your hip.
Measure from waist to ankle/floor.
Measure from crotch to indicated length measurement. ie. floor, thigh, knee, ankle
Measure the circumference of the indicated body part.
Underarm Seam
Start just below your armpit along the upper part of your bra's seam (not up into the pit) to just below your natural waist at the top part of the hipbone.

Email if you have more questions about measurements and fitting.

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