Why we rock!


A lot of people talk about customer service, but it's something that is very important to us. That's why we have 100% feedback on eBay. It's why we have a huge Repeat Offender's list. It's why you were probably referred by one of them!


Well, that and our quality. We don't skimp on materials or labor. That's why we double stitch our bias tape on. Could we get by with one line of stitching? Sure! But it looks better with two, so that's what we do.


Not only do we have amazing awesome prices already, we also, automatically, give each of our customers who registers on this page a 5% coupon off their TOTAL ORDER! How sweet is that?

In addition, we also have a sick program called:

The Repeat Offender's Program

We've long felt that the longer a person is a customer and is loyal to us, the more we should reward them. That's why we started The Repeat Offender's Program. No, you don't have to go to jail. That would not be much of a reward. What you do get, is an automatic 10% off anything on our website. I know, we're crazy!


We also had our first website sale in January of 2007 and offered an ADDITIONAL 10% off. All of these discounts were stackable. It was a huge success, both for us and for our customers! Thanks Y'all!


Where do you go for a big-time bargain? eBay of course! That's why we still sell there, even though our website, store and email/phone sales are doing well. We just want to give you one more way to get a bargain and an Odd Bodkin. Two for the price of one! You can't beat that with a stick!

Big Love

If you can't already see why we rock, just talk to us and feel the love for yourself!

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