To determine the size of your bodice, measure your Ribcage, or Underbust. This is the area directly below the bust where your bra band sits. You will also measure your waist, which as a rule of thumb, I place at the line where your belly button sits. You are basically looking for the smallest measurement in the waist area.

Also measure your underarm seam. This runs from about an inch under the arm to the point on your side that you would like your bodice to end. Our bodices are built longer than most and they should hit you just above the hip bone. If your measurement on this area is longer/shorter than the chart calls for, you may need a custom long/short bodice.

If you do not get a clear idea of what bodice would be the best fit and/or your underarm inseam is over an inch longer/shorter than the bodice, you may need a custom bodice.

You can choose custom bodice on the order pages, or you can email us with your bust, ribcage, waist, hip and underarm seam measurements so we can help you choose the best size or determine if you need a custom. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you are in doubt!

Email if you have more questions about measurements and fitting.

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