To determine size, measure your bust, waist and hips. Take the largest of these measurements and compare it to the "Body Circumference" measurement. You will want to make sure that your measurement is at least 5" smaller than the Body Circumference measurement to ensure a nice, full fit.

As a general rule, size small is for petite, slender ladies. The sleeves can be too short on women over 5'4" because of the way the chemise is constructed.

Most people will order a size Large, which is for most average height women up to about a size 18/20. If your body circumference is 55" or more, you should order an XL.

The plus size will fit up to about a 65" body circumference comfortably.

If you do have measurements larger than this, don't despair. These chemises can be made up to 90" around, so they will fit most anyone. Just email or call us to request this. There is NO EXTRA CHARGE! Because of the specialized measurements, we like to make sure that the sleeve elastics are comfortable, so we like to consult directly with you.

Size Body Circumference Long Sleeve Medium Sleeve Short Sleeve
Small 48" 25" 14" 7"
Large 60" 26" 14" 7"
Plus 71" 30" 14" 7"

Email if you have more questions about measurements and fitting.

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