To determine the size of your doublet, measure your Chest. We will need the fullest part of your chest, and take a deep breath then you measure so it's nicely expanded. You will also measure your abdomen, at the fullest part again.

Also measure your underarm seam. This runs from about an inch under the arm to the point on your side that you would like your doublet's hem to sit. This is going to vary, but for most people, is about an inch below the top of the pelvic bone. If you have a big belly, you will want to have a doublet that's a bit longer for a more flattering fit. If your measurement on this area is longer/shorter than the chart calls for, you will want to consider ordering a custom doublet.

You'll want to choose a size that is a bit bigger than your largest measurements but keep in mind how tight you want it to be. Most men will want a looser fit.

You can choose custom doublet on the order pages, or you can email us with your measurements so we can help you choose the best size or determine if you need a custom. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you are in doubt!

Email if you have more questions about  measurements and fitting.

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