Ranger Doublet

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Our Ranger Doublet is a versatile option that with the right options can be very earthy for the men of adventure and wooded vales or dressed up can be a more formal and noble garment. Based on our Baron Doublet, the Ranger Doublet is most recognizable for its length. If you want to go all out with trim and other great options, email us and we'll help make this the noble doublet of your dreams. 

Side laces provide for an easy and comfortable fit. Optional shoulder accents add a lot of impact and create that highly prized V shape.

It looks fantastic with any of our men's shirts, but especially with our Baron Shirt.


  • Side laces and optional front grommets.
  • Seams finished with bias tape then double top-stitched.
  • Lined with broadcloth.
  • Extremely adjustable, comfortable and classy.

See our Doublet Measuring Chart.

  • Model: rangerdoublet

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  • Accent Fabric Info

  • "Accents" are extra pieces of fabric added to the garment. They include collars, shoulder caps, split caps, skirting, picadills, stomachers and others.

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  • If you want the entire garment including Accents made of the fabric you chose above, select "Same".

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  • Shoulder Accent Info

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  • Solid shoulder caps are small, crescent shaped epaulets sewn onto the shoulder.

  • Split caps are the same as solid shoulder caps, except they are split into two pieces.

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  • Grommets are the small metal rings that are inserted in the fabric to protect it while lacing. Choose the color that best suits your personal style and your fabric choice.

  • Grommet Color

    Front Closure Info

  • These are your options for closing the front of your garment.

  • Choose "None" if you want to leave the front of the garment open.

  • Choose "Grommets" if you want a line of grommets to lace up the front. They will be the same color as the grommets you chose above.

  • Contact us to find out about other options like buttons and loops, clasps, ties and others!

  • Bias Tape Info

  • This is the trim that outlines the edges of your bodice or doublet. Black is standard, but for a more unique look, pick one of the colors available. If you need help deciding, just email or call.

  • White








    Royal Blue

    Navy Blue







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